Tenuta Serre

Set in a beautiful countryside with olive groves and Mediterranean scrub in the heart of Salento, Tenuta Serre is the ideal place for a vacation that combines the desire to relax the desire to know more about the history and wonders of the most authentic Salento.

Spending even just a few days in the Tenuta Serre means finding time for yourself by listening to the music of nature, getting lost in the wonderful colors of our territory while enjoying the flavors of the past… Touching the true essence of simple and healthy life, savoring the pleasure of genuine things, rich in smells and flavors that have perhaps always been forgotten... a place that gives emotions to those who know how to grasp them.

Thanks to its typicality, the Agriturismo "Tenuta Serre" blends into the colors of the Salento countryside that frame it.

With its centuries-old olive trees, the picturesque dry stone walls, evidence of the workers of the past, we have created areas of exclusive relaxation where you can enjoy the quiet and stop to the sound of the nature that surrounds you.

The internal courtyard, surrounded by the characteristic "Pajare" which blend with the surrounding countryside, allows moments of extraordinary rest.

Soon our guests will be able to enjoy a brand new swimming pool in the quietest part of the estate, which can be accessed by walking along a wisteria path, or by following an olfactory path with officinal plants that, caressed by the sun, release their essence.

The new relaxation area will be surrounded by ‘dry stone walls’, olive trees and Mediterranean Shrubs that will provide our guests with precious shady corners.

Those who prefer to sit comfortably in front of their room can do so by relaxing on the armchairs that frame the patio.